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I have always enjoyed moving my body since I was a seven year old ballerina in ballet shoes. By the time I was sixteen my love for movement had transitioned from plies and arabesques in ballet shoes to barefoot Hatha yoga. In 2010 I embarked on an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Therapy and began teaching the very next year as a student teacher before graduating in 2013.

I continue to commit to moving my body in a conscious, mindful manner, particularly after the birth of my son in 2018. My journey through motherhood was extremely challenging in the first year and I wasn't able to uphold the physical practices I had previously been so used to.

Motherhood also proved to be the most spiritual of experiences I have ever practiced and continues to be so. The challenges I faced and my learnings from this time has strengthened my interest in working with both new and expectant mothers.

I enjoy working with anyone who shares a keen interest in further developing their self awareness and I particularly love including the energetic modalities, Reiki and Reflexology as part of my Chi Spirit offerings. 

My sensitivity has enabled me to connect with all kinds of people through my work and the qualities of this characteristic has allowed me to create and hold space for vulnerability, gentleness, deep exploration, reflection, kindness, compassion, surrender and trust.

In 2015 I completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and after qualifying I commenced training yoga teachers to teach relaxation and meditation. I also use this qualification to teach Reiki 1, 2 and Masters workshops, as well as Relaxation and Aromatherapy Massage.

My husband, our son, our fur baby and music make my soul shine. I can dance and sing (very badly) in the safety of my kitchen whilst cooking for my family (or simply spending time with them) to my very heart's content and this is exactly what I love to do when I'm not teaching, practicing or training.

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