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Monday 6:30pm

A slow, gentle and nurturing Hatha Yoga class at Greenhaus Studio: 580 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley.

My teachings are highly adaptive and inclusive, meaning everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced yogi's. I will guide you through safe and mindful movements for your body with the use of yoga props where needed. Through conscious and mindful asana practice, your body and your mind will be well prepared for the higher limbs of yoga which are pranayama (breath practices), meditation and deep relaxation. 

I am a highly qualified Hatha yoga instructor, therapist and trainer, who has been teaching since 2011 and practicing for over 20 years. My teaching style is gentle but empowering, slow but deep. I will guide you safely through your own exploration of self inquiry on the yoga mat, whilst your body and mind welcome insight, calm, freedom and feeling.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch here.

To book, simply text me by clicking below and I will reply with my bank details. Pay ID (pay to mobile) is my preferred method of payment. I am unable to accept cash on the day. 

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